Parution : Maya worldviews at conquest

Maya worldviews at conquest
Maya worldviews at conquest


  • Cecil, Leslie G. Éditeur scientifique
  • Pugh, Timothy W. Éditeur scientifique

Leslie G. Cecil is an assistant professor of anthropology in the Department of Sociology at Stephen F. Austin State University, where her research has focused on the Postclassic Mayas’ use of pottery to identify themselves as part of a cohesive sociopolitical group.

Timothy W. Pugh is an associate professor at Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where his research has focused on reconstructing the political geography of fifteenth-to seventeenth-century central Peten, Guatemala.

Résumé de l’éditeur

Maya Worldviews at Conquest examines Maya culture and social life just prior to contact and the effect the subsequent Spanish conquest, as well as contact with other Mesoamerican cultures, had on the Maya worldview.

Focusing on the Postclassic and Colonial periods, Maya Worldviews at Conquest provides a regional investigation of archaeological and epigraphic evidence of Maya ideology, landscape, historical consciousness, ritual practices, and religious symbolism before and during the Spanish conquest. Through careful investigation, the volume focuses on the impact of conversion, hybridization, resistance, and revitalization on the Mayans’ understanding of their world and their place in it.

The volume also addresses the issue of anthropologists unconsciously projecting their modern worldviews on the culture under investigation. Thus, the book critically defines and strengthens the use of worldviews in the scholarly literature regardless of the culture studied, making it of value not only to Maya scholars but also to those interested in the anthropologist’s projection of worldview on other cultures in general.


  • vii list of Figures
  • xi list of tables
  • xiii Foreword by Florine asselbergs
  • xvii Preface
  • Chapter 1
    • Introduction / Leslie G. Cecil 1
  • Chapter 2
    • Close encounters / Elizabeth Graham 17
  • Chapter 3
    • “In recalling things past, I strengthen my heart” : accommodating the past in early colonial Yucatán / William M. Ringle 39
  • Chapter 4
    • Time, history, and orldview / Prudence M. Rice 61
  • Chapter 5
    • Cosmology and creating in late postclassic Maya literature and art / Gabrielle Vail 83
  • Chapter 6
    • Colonial cave art in the northern Maya lowlands : the dark side of the Maya worldview after the conquest / Andrea Stone 111
  • Chapter 7
    • De descriptio idolorum : an ethnohistorical examination of the production, imagery, and functions of colonial Yucatec Maya idols and effigy censers, 1540-1700 / John F. Chuchiak 135
  • Chapter 8
    • Mesoamerican communicating objects : Mayan worldviews before, during, and after Spanish contact / Miguel Astor-Aguilera 159
  • Chapter 9
    • Clash of the worldviews in late Mayapán / Susan Milbrath and Carlos Peraza Lope 183
  • Chapter 10
    • Religious resistance and persistence on Cozumel Island / Shankari Patel 205
  • Chapter 11
    • Changes in Maya religious worldview : liminality and the archaeological record / Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase 219
  • Chapter 12
    • Kowoj worldview : a view from Tipu / Leslie G. Cecil 239
  • Chapter 13
    • Agency ad worldviews of the unconquered Lacandon Maya / Joel W. Palka 261
  • Chapter 14
    • Music syncretism in the postclassic K’iche’ warrior dance and the colonial period Baile de los Moros y Cristianos / Mark Howell 279
  • Chapter 15
    • Footpath of the dawn, footpath of the sun : Maya worldviews at Lake Atitlán / Robert S. Carlsen 299
  • Chapter 16
    • Maya sacred landscapes at contact / Timothy W. Pugh 317
  • References Cited 335
  • List of Contributors 407
  • Index 413

Compte rendu

  • Oland, Maxine, “Maya Worldviews at Conquest. Leslie G. Cecil , Timothy W. Pugh”, Journal of Anthropological Research, 2011, vol. 67, n° 1, p. 119-120. Disponible en ligne, url : <>.
  • Halperin, Christiana T., “Maya Worldviews at Conquest, edited by Leslie G. Cecil & Timothy W. Pugh, 2009. Boulder (CO): University Press of Colorado. ISBN 978-0-87081-945-2 hardback £49.99 & $60; xviii 426 pp., 311 figs., 6 tables”, Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 2010, vol. 20, n° 3, p. 463-464. DOI : 10.1017/S0959774310000569. Disponible en ligne, url : <>.
  • Rugeley, Terry, “Maya Worldview at Conquest ‐ edited by Cecil, Leslie G. and Pugh, Timothy W.”, Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2011, vol. 30, n° 4, p. 529-530. DOI : 10.1111/j.1470-9856.2011.00573.x. Disponible en ligne, (payant), url : <>.

Informations pratiques

  • Éditeur : Boulder, Colo. : University Press of Colorado
  • Date de parution : 2009
  • Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XVIII-426 p.) : ill., cartes, jaquette ill. ; 24 cm
  • Collection : (Mesoamerican worlds)
  • Bibliogr. p. 335-405. Index
  • ISBN 978-0-87081-945-2 (rel.) : 68 $. – ISBN 978-1-60732-002-9 (ePub) : 50 $


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