Article : El Caballero Lorenzo Boturini Benaduci. Guadalupe, l’antica cultura indiana e il paradigma di G.B. Vico [2. parte]


  • Monteforte, Franco


Having survived a shipwreck and an outbreak of plague in Mexico City shortly after his arrival, Lorenzo Boturini dedicated himself to the history of the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Virgin of the Indios, whom he attempted to crown with the Pope’s permission. In his studies, he discovered ancient manuscripts, maps and codices of the Indios with which he formed his Museo Historico Indiano and set into motion the reassessment of the
ancient native Indian culture destroyed by the Conquistadores.
However, he clashed with Archbishop Vizarrón and the Viceroy Fuenclara, ended up on trial and was then sent back to Madrid. Acquitted of the accusations and appointed Real Historiador en Indias by Ferdinando VI, he published his Idea de una Nueva Historia General della América Septentrional in which, based on G.B. Vico’s theories, he showed how the native Indian civilisation had had the same phases of development as the great civilisations of the past. But the controversies over G.B. Vico and court intrigue prevented his return to Mexico to regain possession of his
Museum, today split up amongst Mexico City, Paris and Berlin.
He died a poor man in Madrid in 1755, assisted by his friend and great supporter, Gregorio Mayans y Siscar.

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Olivier Jacquot

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