Colloque international : International Conference Sign & Symbol in Comparative Perspective


Lundi 19 juin

Session 1: Surface, layouts, maps
Chair: Katarzyna Mikulska
10h – 13h30

10h : Ouverture

1) Francisco José Hidalgo Gutiérrez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Beyond the glyphic sign: comparative analysis of the indigenous pictorial sources of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries of Central Mexico in viceregal baroque´s History Painting

2) Anne Goletz (Philipps-Universität Marburg) & Karolina Juszczyk (University of Warsaw)
Extended Surface in Graphic Communication. Some insights from the (de)coding of signs on rocks and arrows

3) Aleksandra Twardokęs (Sign & Symbol Research Group)
What is a map? Eternal struggle with definition

4) Benjamin Johnson (University of Massachusetts)
Time and Space in Mesoamerica: the Codex Xolotl and its Landscapes  online


Session 2: Writing and identity
Chair: Daniel Takacs
15h30 – 19h

1) Agnieszka Hamann ((University of Warsaw)
Writing as an artefact of culture: the Maya concept of orthography and punctuation

2) Olgierd Uziembło (University of Warsaw)
Scripts of identity – identity of scripts. Writing systems in identity politics

3) Tim Brooks (Endangered Alphabets Project)
What is a script? online

4) Agata Bareja-Starzyńska & Tenzin Tsenyi (University of Warsaw)
The script and the sound — some observations of the transmission of Buddhist texts and practices in Tibet and Mongolia

Mardi 20 juin

Session 3: Patterns & determinatives
Chair: Gordon Whittaker
10h – 13h30

1) Michał Szawerna (University of Wrocław)
Metaphoricity of the visual representations of the major themes of Denis Villeneuve’s film ‘Dune: Part One’ (2021)

2) Daniel Takacs (University of Warsaw)
Determinatives with a Cognitive Linguistics approach

3) Angela McDonald (University of Glasgow)
Looking for meaning: Patterns of visualising semanticity within and beyond the determinative system

4) Lisardo Pérez Lugones (Complutense University of Madrid)
Is It Green or Olive-Green? Glassy or Rocky? Does It Glitter or Shine?: Mesoamerican Turtle Shell Patterns and the Many Ways of Representation in Matrícula de Huexotzinco


Session 4: Origins
Chair: Katarzyna Mikulska
13h30 – 15h

1) Karenleigh A. Overmann (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)
Prehistoric numbers: What, when, and why online

2) Gordon Whittaker (University of Göttingen)
Exploring the origins of writing in Mesopotamia

3) Valérie Angenot (Université du Québec à Montréal)
The emergence of hieroglyphs: the case of the “solar mountain” N27

4) Alonso Rodrigo Zamora Corona (Institute of Historical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico)
The Return of Pictography: Rethinking Verbal Communication in Aztec Codices online

Mercredi 21 juin

Session 5: Towards definitions
Chair: Katarzyna Mikulsk
10h – 13h30

1) Katarzyna Wągrodzka (University of Warsaw)
The (im)possible application of Scott McCloud and Neil Cohn’s theories to Peruvian comic books (historietas)

2) Danièle Dehouve (CNRS-EPHE)
The multifunctionality of signs in writing, iconography and ritual of Central Mexico

3) Aleksandra Wąsowicz-Peinado & Hanna Kowal (University of Warsaw) Logograms in logotypes

General discussion & closing of the conference, followed by projection of Karolina Juszczyk’s film Rock art in Venezuela, awarded the main prize during the Science Film Festival in Poland


17h: Visit to the Tutankhamun exhibition ( for the Participants of the conference, kindly guided by Valérie Angenot & Angela McDonald

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