Étiqueté : Analyses physico-chimiques


Article : The materiality of color in pre-Columbian codices: Insights from cultural history

Créateur Dupey Garcia, Élodie Résumé This article explores the materiality of the colors of some Nahua codices from pre-Columbian Mexico, comparing data obtained from two bodies of evidence: scientific investigation—through macroscopic inspection and physicochemical studies—and historical accounts. In doing so,...


Chapitre : Codex Painting Practices and Scribal Interactions in Postclassic Mesoamerica : a view from color’s materiality in the Madrid Codex

Créateur Domenici, Davide Résumé The non-invasive chemical analyses performed on the Madrid Codex by the MOLAB mobile laboratory provided new data that are useful to rethink issues such as codex painting practices and scribal interactions in Postclassic Mesoamerica, both of...


Article : Colouring materials of pre-Columbian codices: non-invasive in situ spectroscopic analysis of the Codex Cospi

Créateur Miliani, Costanza Domenici, Davide Clementi, Catia Presciutti, Federica Rosi, Francesca Buti, David RomaniAldo Laurencich Minelli, L. Sgamellotti, Antonio Résumé Ancient Mesoamerican codices represent the religious and historical legacy of the pre-Columbian people, they were produced to record the historical and religious...


Article : Il Codice Cospi. I segreti di un antico libro svelati dalla tecnologia

Créateur Domenici, Davide Résumé Court article illustrant les résultats des analyses physico-chimiques non invasives effectuées sur le Codex Cospi, un codex mésoaméricain préhispanique conservé à la Bibliothèque universitaire de Bologne. Les analyses visent à identifier les pigments et les teintures...

Parution : Mesoamerican Manuscripts : New Scientific Approaches and Interpretations

Créateur Jansen, Maarten (1951-….). Éditeur scientifique Lladó-Buisán, Virginia M.. Éditeur scientifique Snijders, Ludo. Éditeur scientifique Maarten E.R.G.N. Jansen (PhD Leiden 1983) is Professor of Heritage of Indigenous Peoples at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, The Netherlands. He is author of...

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